Many of my childhood memories, if not related to photos, are associated with my childhood dogs. They were old by the time I could fully appreciate them but I remember their presence, patience, and affection for us. Like a fool, I'd thought they'd always be around. Some 30 years later, I still miss them. 

Today, I am the proud mama to an awesome rescue gal. She is my heart and my #soulmutt. To those who say a dog mama isn't the real deal, I beg you to rescue an animal. Your decisions will happily center around them and you will never regret it.


Much of my work centers around dogs, from photographing dogs on the beach to photographing and designing for a rescue, My love for these furry creatures is tightly woven through every fiber of me. Everything about them lights up my soul, lifts my heart, and breathes energy into me.


With pride I am a member of HEARTSSPEAK. A fabulous foundation where artists come together to advocate for shelter animals. 

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